Friday, September 30, 2011

Easy Remedies for Dog Hot Spots

You will know that your dog’s skin has been inflamed when you see dog hot spots all over it. These appear as red moist patches that can either be concentrated on one portion alone or appear as scattered areas on the dog’s skin. In the medical field, the condition is more commonly known as moist dermatitis.

Because of the appearance of dog hot spots, it’s quite easy to note if your dog has this. You should first notice this when your dog starts to scratch with an unnatural frequency. When he begins to do this, you should inspect the area where the dog often scratches.

If you see an inflammation that might already be a hot spot. Of course it helps to bring him as soon as possible to the vet but if you can’t just yet, there are important things you can do on your own to treat it.

First off, you should consider shaving the area. This is especially important if your dog has a heavy coat on him. This will help you see how much damage has been done on the skin already. Dogs who have hot spots often have falling hair as well but if you shave it off, you would see more clearly if there are severe and larger problem areas that would need to be attended by a vet.

When the area has already been shaved off, you should then proceed to cleansing the wound. Even if you have only seen red patches, you should still take the time to cleanse it to prevent from further infections. You can use a gentle skin cleanser to wash out the dirt and kill the bacteria from the area. This can also help alleviate the itchiness from the area.

Once you’ve done the cleansing and until such time that you can bring your dog to the vet or he gets better, you can apply a cool compress over the dog hot spots. You can do this for two to four times daily using a clean wash cloth submerged in cool water. Tea bag compresses are also known to help dry and disinfect the area.

If you also want to keep your dog from scratching the affected areas during the healing period, it would be best to make them wear an Elizabethan collar. This way, they would not be prompted to scratch at the areas and further infections can also be avoided.

You should also observe the dog hot spots continuously until such time that it fully heals. If your home remedies do so little to change its appearance, you should immediately consult a veterinarian to look at your dog’s condition. Some oral antibiotics can be prescribed for your dog as well as topical sprays that can dry the wound. A special shampoo may also be prescribed to help cure the area.

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