Thursday, September 29, 2011

Different Kinds of Dog Skin Problems

There are different dog skin problems that our pets may suffer from. As a pet owner, it should be our responsibility to get ourselves better acquainted with what these are so we can prevent them from pestering our dogs. When these skin problems are left unattended, they can eventually become mixed with the blood of our pets and cost more major problems in the long run.

Among the most common types of skin problems that pester dogs are allergies. It’s not just humans who actually get affected by these but even dogs. There are a number of sources for allergies but the most common are food and allergens. This is why you should do some extra care when feeding new things to your dogs and also make sure you keep your home clean.

Fleas are also among the most common dog skin problems. They infest the dog’s skin and they feed on the blood of your dog. However, what’s considerably most irritating for dogs is the flea’s saliva. When this touches the dog’s skin it causes the unwanted irritation which leads to the development of rashes. This also appears to be very itchy for dogs, which is why they tend to scratch on it endlessly. In the long run the frequency of scratching would turn to wounds.

Ear mites are also a common type of parasite that causes skin problems for dogs. What it does is enter right through your dog’s ears and then reside inside of them. They are known to look like coffee grinds and they can also spread to other parts of the dog’s body. They can be quite dangerous to leave untreated because they can burrow deep into your dog’s ear canal. Usually, medications are being prescribed to treat them.

Gray spots are also among the telling signs of dog skin problems. Dogs who suddenly have the appearance of dots on their skin might currently be suffering from ticks. Just like fleas, these ticks are also known to feed on the blood of your dog. In the long run, they might be the cause for the dog to have a Lyme disease which can enlarge the lymph nodes of your pet.

Canine lice are also known to exist among dogs. The spread of this can happen if your dog gets to move close or come in contact with another dog that already have lice. This parasite can hardly be seen by the naked eye but they are known to have wings which allows them to transfer from one unknowing host to another. But thanks to a shampoo with phrethrin, lice can easily be removed.

Dog skin problems are also rounded up with fungal infections. Usually, a parasite like ringworn is behind such problems. You would know that your dog is suffering from fungi infection if they exhibit dry flaky skin. Your pet’s skin would also appear to be scaly and redness around the infected area will appear.

If you want to preven dog skin problems, you should take the time to regularly bring your dog to the vet. You should also keep your home clean always.

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