Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Cause Of Dog Hot Spots Can Be Difficult To Determine

When a dog looses its hair in various areas it can be attributed to one or a combination of many factors. Dog hotspots is a possible reason. Sometimes you will notice that the areas are wet, but this is not always the case.

Infection of skin by bacteria is the cause of hot spots. The bacteria proliferates only in weather conditions suitable for them and hence hot spots are often associated with changes in the environment. Some of the reasons for this illness can be inadequate hygiene, allergy or even temperamental problems.

Some parasites and some food can irritate the skin of a dog and the dog will start to lick the affected area. The excessive licking will create the perfect moist environment for the bacteria to develop. This will irritate the dog and they start to scratch the area, over time there will be a loss of hair in this area. If you have not brushed your dog for a while, matted fur can create an environment in which these bacteria can build up. The area can become moist and debris can become stuck in it. The dog will start licking and scratching at the area, and will cause an infection.

One of the main treatments is to clip the fur in the affected area and then wash it regularly with a gentle cleanser or antiseptic. Sometimes it may be necessary to invest in a neck collar to stop the dog from reaching these areas with his mouth. If the condition is really bad, proper treatment may be required from a qualified veterinarian.

If it is only a skin infection, cure is easy. But it has been found that there is something beyond the superficial problem. The issue may continue to disturb the dog until the bigger issue is diagnosed and treated. A permanent solution lies in finding out the root cause of the problem that makes the pet vulnerable to the attack.

Regular grooming of dogs that suffer from these lesions is very important, removal of all mats from the coat two times is very important, and will help avoid the development of skin infections. You can cut out the mats if you want to, sometimes you will have to. If you can't manage to maintain your dog properly you should invest in a professional groomer, this will be cost effective in the long run. Many household mites can cause allergies that will manifest as skin irritations. Keeping the house free of these parasites by vacuuming regularly and removing dust and pollen will help to keep the environment clean. Changing the dogs diet may also help.

The underlying condition has to be found if you want to be able to cure the condition when it is due to more than a simple infection. This can be a difficult process in which possible causes will have to be found and eliminated. The advice of the vet will be valuable in this regard.

Dog hot spots are indications of a bigger issue. Treating that is more difficult but it is important to find them out in order to avoid reappearance. Proper treatment of the root cause makes the dog a happy companion. Taking care of he training and entertainment aspects of the dog keeps it physically and mentally content.

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