Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cat Allergy Treatment Methods To Keep Out Allergens

How we all do love our precious little pets, dogs, cats, hamsters, whatever is desired. We love them even if they make us sneeze, cough or have runny eyes or noses. Most people are under the false impression that the allergens that make us react this way are caused by cat hair. It is actually not the hair that is making us feel this way. Pet dander is secreted through the cats saliva, urine or sweat. This leads many to look for the best cat allergy treatment methods available.

There are many methods that a pet owner can try in order to make their home free of the allergen and still keep the animal. To eliminate some of the pet dander, it is good to vacuum at least once a day, especially in the places the animal loves to go the most.

Ventilate your home as much as you can, allowing a nice breeze to blow the allergens out the window Dust particles and allergens need to be released and efficient air circulation can make that happen. Buy an air filter for extra protection. These devices will draw the allergens out of the air, along with anything else that might be causing trouble.

If you are letting your cat go into all the rooms of the house of its own free will, you are making an unwise decision. Of all the rooms in the house, you should protect your bedroom the most. Do not allow cats in the room you spend your time sleeping in. Keep your cat off your bed and certainly off your pillow. If not, you will breathe in pet dander the entire time you are asleep.

It is okay to bathe a cat but it should not be more than twice a month. More bathing could lead to dry skin and chapping. This is a painful and awful situation for the animal and could lead to further skin and hair issues.

Remember that you should always keep your house and your body clean. When you have finished playing with or petting your cat, wash your hands and face immediately. Do not touch any part of your face until you have done so. If you have severe allergic reactions, try not to press your face into your cats hair and snuggle with it, no matter how much you want to. You may want to consider letting your cat stay outdoors or train it to let you know when it needs to go out. The less time in the house, the less dander you will breathe.

Many people have found success with over the counter medications. These will not only help you with symptoms like runny eyes and nose, it will help prevent allergy attacks in the future. There are medications that are specifically for pet allergies and other allergens, like pollen.

The best cat allergy treatment is prevention. Cleanliness and prevention are both extremely important. Use cleaning supplies that are specially made for pet dander, steam clean your carpets often and use a cleaning solution for the machine that is specified to pick up pet dander and pet allergens.

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